Smart Disinfection

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Smart Disinfection

Continuous disinfection technology for air and surfaces.

Why Oji disinfection


Disinfection systems that provide sustained & effective protection from deadly contagions in the air and on surfaces, around the clock.


A highly efficient diffusion system disperses a specially formulated disinfectant to neutralize 99.99% viruses and bacteria in the air, actively.


Once set up, oji solutions continue to work independently without any manual effort needed, leading to savings on sanitzation.


Forms a protective gird of a natural and non-toxic disinfectant to provide virus free air and sterile surfaces, indoors.


Works in 2 steps, sterilizes the air and surfaces, then filters the air to ensure complete and active disinfection.

Choose Safety

Devices suited for every space, whether it is an elevator or an auditorium. Breathe clean, virus-free air where ever you go

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